“Probably my favorite class here was my leadership studies class with Grace Gorrell, or ‘Mama G,’ as I called her,” Cobb said with a wide grin. “I just always wanted to be the best leader I could be because I felt that that would help me on the field and in life. Just the way that she pushed us to be the best version of ourselves, that is something I’ve taken on in my life — being able to push myself and be the best version of myself and push the people around me to be the best version of themselves.”
-Randall Cobb - A first-team all-American in 2010, he loves recalling his time at UK both on the field and in the classroom.
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"Loved it, so creative and interactive. [Grace] was great at getting everyone involved. We constantly use the technique of asking folks to think up two solutions for every problem they bring us. That has been a great help."
- A. Stevens Wrightson, M.D., Medical Director, Bluegrass Community Health Center

“Grace’s interactive sessions are engaging and insightful.   Leaders at every level are able to identify with her experiences and stories in order to learn and further develop their own strengths."

"Working with Grace is a true pleasure for any program coordinator!  She engages her audience and uses a variety of leadership resources from John Maxwell and Ken Blanchard that are relevant in developing better leaders!"
- Susan Shouse Tanner, Director, Special Programs, Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation

"Grace has been one of our "regular" invited speakers for our award-winning program --sharing her skills, encouragement, motivation, and passion to future leaders in agriculture. Our participants and our program benefit greatly from her years of experience and networking contacts in the leadership arena."
- Will Snell, Co-Director, Kentucky Agricultural Leadership Program

"Grace Gorrell provided the University of Kentucky Lewis Scholars with a solid, practical foundation for significant growth in their developing careers.  Her customized career counseling approach, attuned to the individual needs of each and every participant, offered the Scholars a tool kit vital for their personal and professional success!”
- Diane M. Snow, PhD, Professor of Neuroscience and Endowed Chair, SCoBIRC, Director (Interim) of UK Honors Program, and Director, Office of Undergraduate Research

"When Grace talks about leadership, it shows! When she teaches there’s never a moment of doubt about her passion for leadership. Grace not only knows what she's talking about, she believes in what she's talking about, and she lives what she's talking about.
Some people talk about leadership, some study leadership, some teach leadership.  She exudes leadership with an unmatched enthusiasm."
- Steve Isaacs, University of Kentucky, Agricultural Economics

"Grace Gorrell is an outstanding presenter/trainer.  KEDC has been affiliated with her for 10 years now and appreciates her work with educational leaders.  She has partnered with our organization on several events including 3 conferences with John Maxwell where she was the "MC" -Master of Ceremony and did an excellent job.  KEDC represents 65 member school districts in Kentucky by providing professional development and leadership opportunities.  Grace recently was our keynote speaker for our Leadership Retreat in Lexington.  Attending this retreat was 10 superintendents serving on our executive committee and 10 key leaders within our organization.  The staff and superintendents thoroughly enjoyed her presentation, she is dynamic and her personality shines through.  She uses vibrant and personable real life applications to promote leadership.  KEDC loves Grace and we promote her skills and work to our districts for their leadership training needs."
- Donetta Trimble, KEDC Programs Coordinator

"As I reflect on the beginning of my career, I am truly honored to have Grace as my mentor, life coach, and friend. She was able to listen, then guide me to the tools I needed in order to be successful. She held me accountable, because she believed in me. "Leadership is not just about what you do. It's about what you can inspire and empower others to do." Grace Gorrell has inspired and empowered me to continue to grow as a leader throughout my career.  "
- Chelsea Kephart

"Employer of Choice. I reached out to Grace Gray, hoping that she would assist our senior leadership team in identifying high potential entry level professionals, and she exceeded my expectations. In additional to assisting MESA in recruiting uniquely capable UK undergrads, she led leadership training sessions for our entire senior management team, upgrading the quality of our professional development program appreciably. Our ability to successfully divest MESA, realizing a 4x return on investment in less than 3 years, was in no small way a by-product of Grace Gray's most capable assistance."
- Gerry Benjamin, Managing Partner, Atlanta Equity Investors, LLC

"Grace Gorrell has been a tremendous partner for Commerce Lexington Inc. and the Leadership Lexington Youth Program.
Every year Grace increases leadership capacity in our student leaders across Fayette County through her facilitation of our Leadership Lexington Youth sessions.  She has touched the lives of hundreds of rising stars through her involvement with the program.
Grace has also been instrumental in working with the chamber to host both Dr. John Maxwell and Dr. Ken Blanchard in the 'Unbridling the Leadership in Kentucky Communities Conference'.  Bringing leadership experts to Lexington enhances our community through the development of current and future leaders for our region. "
-Amy Carrington, Director, Leadership Development