How will Lead With Grace develop a program for me?  Grace’s way to work with an organization is to start by discussing expected outcomes for the program.  She will work with you to develop an educational, interactive and fun program that best suits the needs of your organization.  She is comfortable working in small or large groups.

Among the programs:

Task Management

Based on the book by Dr. Ken Blanchard, “The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey,”  participants will learn in a very interactive way to manage tasks better and to distribute responsibilities to others as well as keep the task moving in a timely way.  You will also learn creative ways to check on the tasks that are assigned and keep the tasks evenly distributed and not always on your back.  This is a great program to help build stronger teams as well as provide individuals with better skill sets on how to divide and conquer big projects.

Developing Your Inner Circle

Individuals will learn why it is important to have a strong inner circle of individuals to help them to become more successful personally and professionally.   The final result of this workshop will be each individual walking away with a better understanding of the current value of people that they are connected with and the voids that they need to fill.  Each participant will develop a set of cards that they will personalize with the names of the key individuals that they currently have in their circle as well as individuals they need to draw into their circle. Participants will also come away with strategies on how to strengthen and broaden their inner circle. The Inner circle cards are based on John Maxwell’s books; The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The 360 Degree Leader.

True Colors Personality Profiles

One of the key ways to becoming a stronger leader is to build better relationships with co-workers.  Individuals in this workshop will learn their personality profile.  They will also learn about the personality profiles of other individuals on their team.  As a result not only will you understand yourself better but have a much better understanding of what you need to do to have more successful relationships professionally and personally  The tool that will be used is called TRUE COLORS. Gorrell is a certified trainer for TRUE COLORS.

How to Work in Your Strengths

This programs is based on the book and research developed by the Gallup Organization entitled Now Discover Your Strengths.  Participants learn what their strengths are, how to use them in their day-to-day activities and discuss creative ways to manage their weaknesses.  The result will be a more gratifying personal and professional life.  Major companies are now focusing on Strengths building to help make their organizations stronger.  Many universities are also using the Strengths concept to work with their students in career development.

Creating a More Productive (And Happier) Workplace

Participants learn the key elements in making individuals happier and more productive in the workplace.  Interactive activities help individuals learn how they can quickly implement some programs in their organization to start making a difference.

Leadership 101

According to John Maxwell’s definition, leadership is “influence, nothing more, nothing less!”  This workshop will help individuals at any level of the organization learn that they do have the ability to be a leader!  In this interactive workshop individuals learn how to strengthen the level of influence that they have with peers, superiors and people that report to them.    When individuals feel more confident as leaders at all levels of an organization, the results will be a much happier and successful organization.

How To Manage Like a Leader!

Learn what kinds of leadership styles to implement at different times with different people.  The most successful managers are ones who can identify what type of leadership style they need to implement with an individual.  Depending on the task, the best way to work with an individual will vary.  Hands-on activities will be done to build a person’s confidence in using the various styles.