Grace pictured with (l) Andy Andrews, author of the 7 Decisions and John Maxwell, Internationally respected author and teacher of  leadership.  Grace helped bring John Maxwell to Lexington in  2005 and 2007.
After working with Grace, Dr. John Maxwell made the following statement about Grace, “I have often said that the number one quality of a leader is the ability to make things happen.  Grace Gorrell does this as well anyone I have ever known.  Her leadership is magnified by her ability to also make things happen for others.  Leadership is influence and Grace is loaded with it!”

Grace assisted in bringing Jack to Lexington in 2008.  She helped one of her U.K. her students in getting Jack to sign a note for her to take back to a professor so she could be  excused from a class she missed because she came to hear Jack speak.
“I recently had the wonderful opportunity to work together with Grace on conducting a major leadership program in Lexington, Kentucky.  It was a delightful, easy and extremely rewarding experience.  Grace has a great passion for helping others to believe in who they are and that they can have a positive impact in the world. Her infectious energy inspired everyone at the conference. She has the unique ability to successfully relate to people of all ages and all walks of life.  I speak with a lot  of organizations and I rarely work with someone that I enjoyed and admired as much as I did Grace.”  Jack Canfield, originator of the  Chicken Soup for the Soul, series and America’s number  #1 Success Coach.

Grace and her husband Brian pictured with Dr Blanchard at a book signing held at Joseph Beth Booksellers.

In 2006 Grace worked with Unbridling the Spirit of Leadership in Kentucky Communities Conference to bring to Lexington Dr. Ken Blanchard.  Author of “The One Minute Manger” and co-author of over 30 best selling leadership books.
"I am a raving fan of Grace Gorrell. She is an incredible learner always seeking new information about developing leaders. When she learns something new, she teaches it to her students and clients. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious. I always look forward to opportunities to share and work with her." - Kent Blanchard